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Wellington for Christmas


January 5, 2015 by Katie Harrison


So we dived into the unknown and took on the challenge of staying still for two whole weeks! Encouraged by the divine luck of an offer to house sit over the Christmas period in Wellington we bedded down with our new friend muppet (the cat.) It did take us a few days to relax into a new pace but by the second week we were absolute pros. Read book, have a brew…repeat.

When we did leave the house however Wellington was fantastic. The centre is focused around a harbour and then the city spreads away from the coast across rolling and massively steep hills. We were fortunate to be staying at the top of one of the hills looking out to the ocean, magical sunsets but a killer to nip out for some tea bags :-/

Having said that one of the best things about the city is that there are a lot of hilly forest and parks in and which means supercool mountain biking. Within minutes from our door you can climb up to 500meters and then single track down to the coast to see some seals and dolphins.



In honesty we don’t not want to leave, two weeks has completely institutionalised us! Tomorrow we cut the apron strings of a real pillow every night and head by ferry to start our South Island adventure. First up is a 3 day off-road ride down the Queen Charlotte Sound which sounds extremely promising. Sure it will be fine once we get our legs going a again. :-/ And we can relieve ourselves from the crippling responsibility of Muppet, only joking we will miss him..a bit.

Happy 2015 everyone. We learnt a lot last year and are now well past half way through our trip so making sure that every day counts. Love to all xxxxx


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